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Ladies and gentlemen, there it is! The Alternative Study Guide version 2020! Are you working on choosing the specializations, but are you not sure exactly what to expect from the different specializations? Are you still choosing which specialization you want to do in your master’s? Or are you still looking for a nice free elective course? Then maybe this guide can help you.

Different biologists have written down their experiences with different subjects for us. We have then bundled them together in this guide. A fellow student’s perspective can be refreshing and gives you a different view of the subject than the formal description of the site. However, keep in mind that some opinions might not necessarily be yours!

Have you taken a course yourself that you think would be of interest to biologists and there is no evaluation in this guide yet, or did you come across something while reading that is no longer correct? Please contact us by sending an email to This is how we keep the study guide up-to-date together!

Thank you and good luck with your choice!

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Write for the study guide!

Did you follow a nice course? And do you want to share your experiences? And help other students make their choices about which subject they want to take? Then write a piece for the alternative study guide! We are happy to receive new pieces in English, more explanation and an example are below.

    Pick the course:

    Submit article (Please use Microsoft Word. preferably in English):

    This document (see also below) shows what the structure of your text can look like, as well as an example.

    When writing, think about:  – What did you think of this course? – What is the overall structure of the profession and what is expected of you? – Was it difficult? Did it take a lot of time? Did you need the book? Etc. – The piece must be about 300 to 400 words and must be delivered in English.