Do you like biology? Do you like cake? Well, since the answer to both questions is obviously yes, you can combine them and come visit one of our activities!


Aves is a committee of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’ that organises educational excursions to institutions with a biological touch, like musea, botanical gardens or zoos. Most excursions will be day trips during the weekend, although every year we try to organise an excursion during the week as well. Last year we went to a variety of locations, such as NIOO-KNAW, Dolfinarium and beer brewery ‘t Ij. We usually try to arrange some extra’s, like a behind the scenes tour or talk by an expert and ofcourse free CAKE! We’ll keep you up to date via Facebook, the Bioflits or a visit during one of the lectures.


See you soon!



Contact: aves.biologica@wur.nl

Left middle, clockwise: Elisa van Geldorp, Joost Michiels, Anne Alma, Veerle van Beeck, Mees van den Munckhof (old-member), Jasmijn de Jong, Robin Hendriks, Nienke Heida (old-member)