Background pictures, but why?

We asked members to submit their photos to make the website more attractive. They sent us a diverse selection of photos, from wild life to beautiful plants. As you can see right now, many photos have been added! As the website committee, we’d like to thank all members who sent us their photo’s.



Steven Zwartkruis, Anne Bus, Rick Livestro, Steffi van de Wouw, Pauline Lange, Aron van Os, Janneke Troost, Hilmar Derksen, Kevin Walgering, Dethmer Smeets, Lieselotte Nooyens, Marte Lamain and Martijn de Roij.

Upload your own photographs

Would you like to see your photo as background on this website? Upload it via the button below. However, before you do, make sure you read the requirements for the photo. If your photo does not meet these requirements, we are not able to upload it to the site:

  • The subject must be biological
  • The photo must have a high quality (minimum 2000px and a maximum of 10 MB). If you are not sure how to check this, you can upload it anyway, we will check whether it looks good on the website.
  • It must be taken by you and not contain a watermark.

Don’t forget to put your name in the file name so we can put your name on this page.

Have fun taking pictures!

Website committee the ScriptCie