Study association Biologica

The biology association ‘Biologica’ from Wageningen is an active study association that has more than 1100 members, including most students and some teachers. Biologica is one of the largest study associations at Wageningen University. The study association organizes several activities for its members. She informs people about the graduate possibilities, internships, and job perspectives as well. As a non-profit association, Biologica needs sponsors to make this all possible.

Why would you sponsor us?

You can increase your brand awareness among the students from Wageningen and especially among the biology students and recently graduated students as a sponsor of the study association Biologica.

Students searching for an internship, an additional job, or cooperation with a thesis can easily end up at your company. That is because you can reach a lot of students from Wageningen through Biologica due to the fact that Biologica is one of the largest study associations from Wageningen.

Examples of sponsoring possibilities

    • Advertisement in our periodical magazine (appears 5 times a year, over 1050 magazines)
    • Banner of your company on our website
    • Your company profile on our website
    • Logo of your company on our promotional posters
    • Sponsoring of i.e. symposia, excursions, lustra, etc.

    These are just examples. New ideas are, of course, always welcome.


    Are you interested in sponsoring our study association or do you know someone that is interested? Please fill in the form: