Current board

The 67th board of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’ consists out of:

President:  Jochem Mecking

Secretary: Silke Hopman

Treasurer: Pjotr Lansink

Commissioner of Public Relations: Simone Huurdeman

Commissioner of Commitees: Ailsa van Kessel

Commissioner of External Relations: Inder Kiel

Commissioner of Education: Christian Platvoet


Jochem Mecking

Hello dear members,

I am Jochem and I have already started my second board term. I may now call myself the president of the 67th board of B.V.W. “Biologica”. That means that I am busy with all sorts of interesting topics like the by-laws of the assocation and our HR. Luckily, it is still a very enjoyable position, because I can talk a lot during our board meetings and I like talking. So, if you’re ever thinking about becoming a board member of Biologica; I would personally definitely recommend the role of president.

I am a member of only one committee at the moment, the Anaconditie, which organizes sports activities. But, as an ex member of the BIKcie, I may also organize a lot of things for the upcoming BIK (Biologica Introduction Camp), like the haunted walk for example. We’ve already thought up a whole storyline with which we’re going to scare the firstyears. I am really looking forward to the BIK anyway. It’s one of the most fun activities of the whole year. The reason that I am doing so little committees at the moment, is that I am going on exchange to Ireland in January. That’s another thing I am really looking forward to. Half a year spent in a new country meeting new people. But it also causes me to leave Biologica directly after my board term. Luckily, I will be coming back.

But, if you have any questions about Biologica before that time, it’s very likely that I can answer them. So, feel free to pass by our hok (room 111) during your break and come have a chat with me about something. Because, like I said, I always like talking with Biologica members.


Silke Hopman

Hey hey!

I am Silke Hopman and I have the honour of being the Secretary of the 67th board of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’. I keep up with all the incoming emails, type hundreds (thousands?) of words during meetings and am always messing around with the member database or printers. Besides that I also write the weekly newsletter, which probably isn’t that weekly anymore.

I am a second year biologist and am already stressing about choosing my major. If I’m not doing anything study-related (which is the case quite often), I am mostly busy with my committees. I am actually in too many committees, but they’re just so much fun! I am an active member of the BIKcie, like a lot of (old) board members, but I am also a member of the BAC, BITE and the FilmCie. In the little bit of free time I have left, I like to read a good book, watch a serie or play some games together with my friends at the Rhine. Oh, I also find cooking and baking a lot of fun.

Well, I think that was about it for what I had to tell. If you want to talk to me, I will probably be in the hok (like always). Oh, and if you want to taste some stress bakings during the exam week, you’ve found the right person!

Greetings and a big hug from your Seccie,



Pjotr Lansink

Dear members, 

My name is Pjotr, and I hold the wonderful and always fun position of Treasurer. This is my second term and I basically handle everything that has to do with money. For example, one of my tasks is to chase members because they do not hand in proper receipts. In addition to the board, I am part a few committees at Biologica. My goal is to one day have been on all the committees that start with a ‘B’. I am already well on my way with the BIKcie, BEC, Board, BAC and soon also BLIJ. But I still miss BITE, BOA and Botanica. I am also in the (B)FermentaCie. 

Fortunately, besides Biologica, I have other things in my life. I’m studying biology and I’m currently in my third year. I am doing the ecology major and I’m particularly interested in marine ecology and ecological models. That is why I am going to Sweden next year to take specific courses about these subjects. In the little free time I have left, I like to chill at home or crawl behind my PC for a good gaming session. But I also like to go outside to look at plants and animals or take a nice walk. So if you have any questions about money, plants, animals, games or a completely different subject, come by the Hok sometime to have a chat.  


Your Treasurer 

Commissioner of Public Relations

Simone Huurdeman

Hi everyone!

I’m Simone Huurdeman and I’m the commissioner of Public Relations of the 67th board. You have probably seen my promotion messages in the Whatsapp-group. Apart from spamming you with all kinds of great activities, I keep the Instagram page up-to-date and you can find me on open days and such where I represent the study association.

I’m currently a third year bachelor student in Biology with a specialisation in developmental Biology. Beside Biologica, I am a member of a musical association  and I enjoy my weekly dance and sport classes. I get frustrated when I sit still for to long and have thus specialised in filling my days with association stuff and creative projects (like drawing or sewing). I also need my daily portion of oxygen so I try to go outside as much as possible.

Do you have any questions or do you fancy a bit of “gezelligheid” or just someone to talk to? Find me in “het hok” or at activities or send me an email! Great ideas and promoti0n messages are always welcome as well!

Big hug from your commissioner of Public Relations,


Commissioner of Commitees

Ailsa van Kessel

Hello dear members,

My name is Ailsa, and I am the current Commissioner for Committees a.k.a. ComCommer. So I deal with a lot of internal matters. Perhaps you have already noticed me in the promotion group, where I always send our weekly schedule with activities. I also (hopefully) ensure that the committees run smoothly and I occasionally set up new ones.

I am now a second-year biologist myself, but there are no plans for the future yet. Oh well, it will just happen naturally! I do keep myself busy by always going home on the weekends and keeping up some sports there. Of course I also participate in as many activities as possible, I also take part in committee life, which I really enjoy. Like many (former) board members, I am a member of the BIKcie, but also the FilmCie and MeeCie. I plan to join some more committees in the future.

I always enjoy chatting with people in our hok, so come by for all your questions about committees or just Wageningen life! Hopefully see you soon.

Lots of love,
your faithful ComCommer

Commissioner of External Relations

Inder Kiel



Commissioner of Education

Christian Platvoet

Hi Everyone!

My name is Christian Platvoet, I’m Biologica’s fantastic Commissioner of Education. This means that I handle all things study-related for our two beautiful studies. I’m in the educational committees of Biology and Marine Sciences and I lead the meetings with other Commissioners of Education. I’m also the jack-of-all-traits for leftover things.

Within Biologica I’m the treasurer of the BOA,  the commission for biology activities outside. I also lead the Educacie, the education committee, which organizes study-related activities like the chair group market and the thesis/internship evening. Besides Biologica I’m also active in the Nederlandse Jeugdbond voor Natuurstudie(NJN) and I’m part of the climbing association.

I’m a third year biologists in specialization D (ecology), and this is as much my hobby as my study. In my free time I am often outside with my camera, plastic jars and field guides in search of the coolest plants and animals. I love browsing through Heukels’ or looking at flies under my binocular microscope. Apart from my obsession with being outside I also love to read, cook, climb and the best sport of all: Running. Especially in the evenings when it has cooled down you can often see me race through the neighbourhoods of Wageningen or along the Uiterwaarden.

Many greetings,