Commission work survey

Fill out the survey below if you are interested in commission work for B.V.W. ‘Biologicals’. After which the Commissioner Committee can contact you.

* Only for Freshmen,

** Only for Master’s students and students who are going to start a Master’s in Biology,

*** Depending on enthusiasm for the committee among members

Brief summary of committees

the Film Committee, organizes a film evening five times a year.
the Biologists-Introduction Camp Committee, organize a large, fun and cozy camp for the new first-year biology students. The camp has a weekend filling program.
The Almanac Committee, give an overview of what has happened in the world and within Biologica. The almanac is produced about twice every five years.
The sports committee, organize active activities where there is a lot of sports. Also arrange groups for, for example, the Batavierenrace.
The Excursion Committee organizes a fun and educational excursion several times a year. Examples of activities are excursions to Avifauna and botanical gardens.
The Biologists Activities Committee organizes fun and cozy activities a few times a year, such as the annual Christmas dinner and the campfire drink.
The Foreign Excursion Commission organizes a major trip abroad for members of the association once every two years. Previous trips have gone to Russia, Croatia and Bulgaria.
The Biology Outdoor Association/Biologists On Adventure organize excursions and outdoor activities for the active biologist several times a year. Examples are watching bellowing deer, a mushroom or fossil excursion and the bird weekend
The plant committee organizes plant activities, such as an excursion to a botanical garden, a seed and cutting exchange drink or a bonsai course.
The Alumni Committee, look for missing information about alumni and ensure that the association's Alumni network is complete again from now on.
The Cooking and Tap Committee, organize delicious activities and tap during activities of other committees. Examples of activities are 'Masterchef' and the Vreetfestijn.
the Education Committee, organize educational activities related to the study and career several times a year. Examples of activities are course evaluations, CV writing courses and the annual chair group market.
The brewery committee, brew beers for the association and organize excursions to breweries.
The Photo Committee, take photos at the many activities of the association and organize photo workshops and photo competitions.
The Gala Committee, together with other study associations, organizes a large gala or a gala only for members of Biologica, for example during the lustrum.
Once every two years, the Kampcommissie organizes a fun and enjoyable weekend for the members during the summer holidays.
The Introduction Committee organizes activities for the new freshmen during the introduction period, including the AID study day.
The Lustrum Committee organizes a range of activities during the Lustrum to celebrate that B.V.W. 'Biologica' has aged five years again. This committee is established every five years.
The Master's Committee, organize fun, educational and career-oriented activities for Master's student members. Examples of activities are after lecture drinks and the journal club lunch where an article is discussed.
The Meeloopdagcommissie, organizes group follow-up days for interested prospective students and future freshmen. Here you give an idea of what studying (biology) is like in Wageningen.
The editors of the association magazine the Missing Link. Design and write for the Missing Link, the association magazine of B.V.W. 'Biologica', which is released five times a year.
The Parents' Day Committee, organize a parents' day for freshmen with fun and educational activities on campus that give parents an idea of ​​the study.
The Promotion Committee, design and sales exclusive B.V.W. 'Biological' gadgets such as pocket knives and sweaters.
The Website Committee, maintain and edit the site of B.V.W. 'Biologica' to keep it nice and up-to-date.
the Sports and Games Committee, organize fun activities in the form of games a few times a year, such as a murder dinner or escape room.
The sponsor committee, together with the External Commissioner of the board, looks for sponsors who are willing to support B.V.W. Sponsor 'Biologicals'.
The Symposium Committee, organize an interesting symposium on a theme with professional speakers.
The Winter Integration Committee, organize an integration trip for members in the winter, such as a winter sports holiday or a carnival weekend.

Beknopte samenvatting bestuursfuncties

Overziet en verlicht de taken van medebestuursleden. Voorzitten van Algemene Leden Vergadering en Bestuursvergadering.
Houdt alle administratieve zaken rondom de vereniging bij, denk hierbij aan de mail, Facebook en de ledenadministratie. Daarnaast maakt de Secretaris bij iedere vergaderingen notulen, namelijk bij de bestuursvergadering, algemene ledenvergadering en de commissie penningmeester voorzitter vergadering.
Overziet en is verantwoordelijk voor de financiële staat van de vereniging en beheert de rekeningen. Voert declaraties uit, houdt de boekhouding bij en helpt commissiepenningmeesters met begrotingen en afrekeningen.
Beheert en is verantwoordelijk voor de website en LinkedIn van de vereniging. Is aanwezig op open dagen, meeloopdagen en studiedagen. Helpt de universiteit met het organiseren van de bacheloruitreikingen. Hierdoor is de Commissaris PR automatisch lid van de ScriptCie en is verantwoordelijk voor de MeeCie.
Onderhoudt contact met sponsoren. Zoekt naar nieuwe sponsoren en helpt commissies met het krijgen van sponsoring.
Vertegenwoordigt de vereniging bij verschillende studiegerelateerde overlegorganen (o.a. het LOBS) en blijft op de hoogte van ontwikkelingen in het wetenschappelijk biologieonderwijs. Daarnaast is de Commissaris Studie automatisch lid van de EducaCie.
Onderhoudt het contact met commissies en vergadert mee met commissies. De Commissaris Commissies stelt ook commissies op, houdt de activiteitenagenda bij en houdt het commissieledenbestand bij.

The survey

    Are you not in Wageningen for a certain period? (For example, because you are going to study abroad)

    Have you previously organized something or done committee work outside B.V.W. 'Biologicals'? If so, what and when was this?

    Which committees are you interested in?

    Which board position(s) are you interested in?