Dear biologists,

We, the EducaCie, organize various study-related activities throughout the year. With this we try to show you all the possibilities inside and outside your study, so that you can get more out of your study time on top of the lessons.

In preparation for the choices you can make within the Biology study (choose courses or arrange a thesis or internship), we organize activities such as the chair group market and the thesis/internship evening. We also have a tutoring platform via the BijlesHuis, where you can receive or give tutoring at a discount. For more information about the BijlesHuis, click here. To get an idea of ​​the possibilities after your studies (different branches of the field), we organize activities such as guest lectures given by alumni and career evenings.

Of course, it is important to relax a bit next to the study. That is why we also organize activities such as Het Groot Biologisch Dictee (Dikthee Lunsj) and cozy lectures on all kinds of different subjects.

In addition, we annually compile the Alternatieve Studiegids. In this study guide you can find the experiences of students about different courses, which can help you choose your major, minor and/or free elective courses. Have you followed a course at WUR and would you like to contribute by informing your fellow students about this course? Then contribute to the updated Alternatieve Studiegids, every contribution is welcome.

We also have a Thesis/Internship Guide (in English). This contains information about the chair groups where you can do a thesis or internship, which topics are covered within the chair group, where you can find their most up-to-date subject list(s) and how you can best approach them. Since the organization within each chair group is different, this can be very useful for a smooth course of your thesis choice and application process.

Do you have ideas for useful, educational or fun (study-related) activities? Or would you like to help with the organization of the activities? Please contact us via or join us for a meeting! 😀

Wishing you much wisdom,

The EducaCie

Floortje, Daan, Iris, Teun & Yoerick


No activities untill september, have a nice summer holliday!

Course Evaluation

After every period – during the lunch break

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