Master's Committee

Hello there!

We are the Master’s Committee (MASCOM) of Biologica and our goal is to keep the social life of busy MSc Biology students alive, but we also focus on preparing you for what’s out there before and after graduation. We do both these things by organizing social events such as drinks, movie nights, walks and such, but also by organizing successful information evenings where we explain more to you about the requirements of your MSc program, what it is like to conduct a MSc thesis, how you can find a proper MSc internship, etc. Often, these latter activities are organized in collaboration with other Biologica committees such as the EducaCie and are accompanied by our own study-advisor, (ex) MSc Biology students and anyone who might be interested. If you are interested in our activities, please add us as a friend on Facebook and/or send us your e-mail (see below).

As working in a committee like this is very dynamic (students graduate, go abroad for their thesis or internship or are just really busy with their MSc courses), we are always looking for new members. Joining this committee will not interfere much with your busy schedule, we meet on average once every two weeks during lunch and we divide activities among our members so that the work-load is never high for one person. If you are interested, please contact us through our Master’s Committee Facebook page or by sending us an e-mail at We will not use this e-mail address for any purpose besides promoting our activities once in a while.

We are always open for suggestions, new ideas and original mindsets! Many things are still possible since this committee is relatively young and still developing.

So come out, meet us and your fellow MSc Biology students and help yourself prepare for a successful graduation and future career as a biologist.

With kind regards,

The Master’s Committee (MASCOM)