Without a doubt, many of you will have visited one. Either because it was compulsory, after which you have been converted to the greatest science of all, or because you simply needed a bit of confirmation. I’m talking about the so-called “groepsmeeloopdag” for Biology. Oddly enough we still have to promote our marvelous study amongst students from secondary school and that is where we as a committee come in. We arrange a ‘groepsmeeloopdag’ five times a year for whoever wants to come. We always arrange an interesting lecture for them and an equally interesting practical so they can get dirty themselves. Afterward, we go out for dinner and then it’s time for a beer! Of course only to convince them to come study in Wageningen, as if it weren’t yet busy enough.

Organizing ‘meeloopdagen’ is never dull! It always goes different than planned and every time there are different kids with different questions and wishes. So, is it your destiny to organize ‘meeloopdagen’ and convince these children to come study in Wageningen? Then fill in the commission questionnaire and maybe we’ll invite you to come to one of our meetings!  


The MeeCie