Becoming a member

Not a member yet, but want to become one? As a member of Biologica, you receive a discount on books at the Study Store and you are welcome at all activities of the association. During these activities, you will also see the other side of the biologist’s existence. Via this site, you can become a member. In addition, you can always visit the biologist’s room (Forum C0111) to pick up a registration form.


To also become a member of NIBI (Nederlands Instituut voor Biologie) and to receive the biweekly newspaper, the Bionieuws, for only €20 per year, you can fill in this form and hand it in at the biologist’s room. You can also pick up this form in the Biologists Room.


Have you moved or do you have a new telephone number, e-mail address, or IBAN? Send an email to or drop by the booth to have your details changed. This does not happen automatically!


If you want to unsubscribe as a member of B.V.W. Biologica, you can send an email to: Please include your contact details in this email. Note: You will not be automatically deregistered from the association when you graduate!