Missing Link

The Missing Link?! Yes, the missing link between Biology, its students, and everything that interests them, or not! Five times per year we produce the periodical of B.V.W. ‘Biologica’. Now one might wonder what there is to say? Well, every Missing Link is filled with anything and everything. While you’re wondering what you are actually reading, you will be hit by the moral of the story. We love tall trees ánd high wind; silver speech ánd a golden silence; a picture ánd a thousand words. In the maze of the life sciences we walk many literary-, and less literary paths, while even we are not sure where these paths might lead us.

We are always looking for people who love to write, about their home, internship, or graduation subject. You never know when an e-mail of the Missing Link will appear in your mailbox, and you are honored to immortalize yourselves in the chronicles of our beloved association.

Kind regards,

The Missing Link

Contact: missing.link@wur.nl

F.l.t.r.: Eline, Maartje, Hanna, Alger, Berber, Eileen