Programme and Course Evaluation

At the end of every period, all students receive a digital questionnaire, the Programme and Course Evaluation (PaCE), in their mailbox about the teaching materials, lecturers, and the examination. The results of this questionnaire are discussed during the meetings of the education commission (OpCie) and bad results are evaluated with the coordinator to find a solution. Therefore filling in this questionnaire is very important to improve the education within the BSc and MSc Biology.

The PaCE results of this questionnaire can be seen by students in different ways. The results can be found on MyPortal after signing in. Under ‘Programme’, you can find your different courses and when holding your mouse above a course, you can click on ‘Course evaluation Report’.

The results of all the courses can be found on the website You can search for your course per period, per Bachelor or Master, and per department. Having found your course, on the top of the page, under the course code and course name, you will find the ‘Course evaluation results’. After clicking this link, you will have to sign in with your WUR username and password to gain access to the course evaluation results.

Within the course evaluation results, you can find how many students followed the course, how many filled in the questionnaire, and the success rate from the last time this course was given. Behind every question, you can also see the percentage of students who answered positively, neutrally, or negatively. In the next column, there is a number on a scale of 1 to 5 (1=very bad, 5=very good) which indicates how positive or negative the result of this question is.

The course evaluation results are taken very seriously and they help to improve the course and the entire Biology education. So fill in the questionnaire at the end of every period!