Lovely boys and girls,
GameCie: I hear you thinking, is that just as awesome as it sounds? The answer is no. It’s even fatter than that. We are the committee that lol and fun creates, and also tries to keep your spaghetti munching students a little bit in form. We are in 2015 started and thus heartchokingly young (net als clint), but full of inspiration and fat ideas. For example from what we all have done: Vermoord avondeten, Ontsnap ruimte, Overleving van de meest efficiënte reproducerende organismen, et cetera! Sounds good, not true?
Thereby standing we are open to ideas from beyond, so if you want to organize something sometime but you’re not a committee, don’t be afraid to knock on our door, we would be delighted to assist you further.
Fat smooch,
The SpelCie

F.l.t.r.: Diana Hofman, Moon van Asseldonk, Leon ten Hoopen, Hedwig van de Kamp, Eileen van Zijtveld, Clint Heijstek, Iris Veenis