Thesis/Intership guide

Please note: the Thesis/Stage guide is not yet fully completed and is expected to be available in early 2021

Do you also not know where to start with your search for a thesis/internship? Can’t find a nice topic? Or do you not know who to contact? Look no further, because we have sorted this all out for you and put it together.

The Thesis/Internship Guide describes for each chair group which topics they deal with (themes/research projects) and what they can mean for your BSc/MSc thesis and internship. For each chair group, it is indicated where you will find the most up-to-date subject list and who you should contact for a thesis/internship position at that chair group.

The thesis/internship process works differently within each chair group. That is why it is useful to start in time to orientate yourself on topics. Some chair groups have a meeting once in a while where interested students can come along to discuss a thesis/internship position at that chair group. Other chair groups want you to have followed certain courses or to have done research within that chair group before.

Have you already done a thesis/internship at a chair group at WUR and would you like to share your experience in addition to the Thesis/Internship Guide? Or is there something in the guide that is no longer up-to-date (eg contacts)? Please contact us (e-mail:! This is how we keep the Thesis/Stage Guide up-to-date together!

Thank you in advance and good luck with your thesis/internship!


For more information about the thesis/internship itself, take a look at the BrightSpace page of the program: “Biology program information”.

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